Modern Perspectives LLC is an aerial photography company based in southeast Michigan. Our main focus is to provide high quality footage from angles that accentuate the alluring aspects of real estate and other outdoor activities. Our goal for home owners and real estate companies is to create footage that puts your real estate ahead of the other real estate on the market. 





The Mavic Pro offers some of the most stable and high quality foootage that drones have to offer. The Mavic Pro has a 3-axis gimble for camera stabilization that keeps the camera still in high winds and abrupt movements. The camera offers 4k resoloution, which allows the videos to take on remarkably real feel.


Aerial Real Estate PhotograPhy

With the Equipment at Modern Perspectives we can take pictures and videos of real estate from angles that give a better perspective on a house and the surrounding area. Our hope is to create imagery that improves the attractiveness of homes for sale.


Coworking Space

Golf Courses

With the advent of online tee times and the widespread use of the internet to find golf courses, aerial footage of a golf course can make the golf course more appealing online. This footage can range from high level stills, to video virtual tours down the fairway.



Outdoor Activities

Modern Perspectives also offers photography for outdoor activities such as sailing, boating or any other special occasion. Aerial photography is a great way to record your memories in a more exciting fashion than before.